The Main Character

This film will primarily be a solo performance for Guy Whitey.

His co-star is a shiney red box.


Dave Pryor said...

Nice work Mike.

It looks like you have some design work that shows suit details - and the others fill the suit black. I always hate covering up the details of a drawing, but the black suit is very striking for the design and feels like the best choice.

I also like the sketch feel and simplicity.

Dan Segarra said...

You say you have rough tests!!!
You gotta' show 'em! If you want I can send you the line of code to display the animation as a .mov file directly on your blog. This is great pre-production. Good luck with it Mike!

ChewBloggers said...

so happy you're finally gettin back to your baby...this thing has to and will be made...as always i extend my hand of help to you if you should ever want or need it...for almost anything, of course...