The Background Layout

Guy Whitey
The star of the film
Proudly displays his most prized possesion
In front of The Background Layout


Posting my notes
Is an attempt
To be organized


some people like to look at shit like this


I do anyway


Style and Color

After years of searching and experimenting with the look of the film, I am currently settled on this.

It could change tomorrow. Nothing is sacred at this point.

But I do like this one.


The Beginning of this Blog

What you are now reading is the start of a production blog for a film I've been trying to make for the past four years.

The storyboards are complete.
The characters have been designed.
Rough animation test have occured.
Grant money has been refused.

So I am giving up my freelance life, looking for a real job, and seeing if I can actually make it through the production of...

"Parade of Monkeys"