The Background Layout

Guy Whitey
The star of the film
Proudly displays his most prized possesion
In front of The Background Layout


Alina Chau said...

Great concept arts!! love the character and the design.

Dave Pryor said...


As usual, the art is fantastic. I'm envious of your fresh - loose approach to character design. The images look really fun - and I'm not sure which nose I would pick either - I may go with the rounder one, but the pointy one works just as good.

Your art on the Chewbone Blog made me laugh out loud.

I'm looking at my film like putting a little money in the bank. You put in such small amounts and ask "why bother" - but after a while, it actually amounts to something.

Best of luck to your future progress!


Virginia Valle said...

Cool stuff on your blog :) lovely design

greg scherrer said...

Hey Mike!
I didn't get to leave a comment here at your blog-away-from-blog yet, so here it is. This is going to be visually beautiful no matter how nitpicky you are about the final details...so get going! That said, I think I like the round nose better too. The pointy nose is nice, but when he's frowning he reminds me of Sam the Eagle. Finish this damn thing...I mean wonderful thing, so you can get started on another!

Scott Wright said...

Love it!

boob said...

Sweet ass. The concept for the film looks great. If I cared about religion, I'd pray for you to finish it.

I hafta to say that Jeremy Rumas (I think you may know) and I were busting up laughing over the art you had up on Chewblog. Hysterical.

It's not the same as money, but I'd like to offer this postive criticism: Good job.

In all sincerity, I hope to see more work from you.