My goal for this film is to project the animation on multiple screens in a theatrical setting, mixed with live performance, lighting fx and live music.

This is a test I put together to get an idea of what this might look like. I'm hoping it will help sell the idea when applying for grants. Explaining this on paper has proven to be difficult. The animation is just the rough test I posted earlier composited onto the stage mock-up. I added fx's and stills from other scenes to help communicate how the story might unfold visually. The multiple screens will rise to reveal the full screen which I'm assuming will be rear projected.

But first things first...I need to finish the film. The production is being designed and planned so that the film can stand alone, ready for festival submissions and the adapt to create the live show....which will be a whole different animal. Surprisingly, I've been teaming up with some people here in Minneapolis who are supportive and willing to help make it happen.


Manuel said...

When I first saw the pencil test I loved the look, like the presentation of a movie or a tv program.

Did you take the decision of adding live act and multiple displays from the beginning? It is awesome, I'm willing to be in such a theater presentation.

Keep the good production. I wish you the best!!

Dagan Moriarty said...

holy moly!
looks beautiful, and FANTASTIC concept! :)
The rough animation looks great, and your model sheets and stuff below are sweet as well.
Good luck with everything!

-Dagan M.

Darryl Young said...

Make this film happen Mike!
It will be AMAZING!

Jav said...

Man o man! This looks like the shit Mr Owens! Original indeed! Youve been busy!