Partial Pencil Test

Here is an edit of some rough animation. It tells the part of the story where things begin to go horribly wrong for Guy.

Animating a 10 minute film is a daunting task especially when it feels like you are basically animating one long scene. I haven't decided yet if this makes me an idiot.
But it is fun. My next goal is to convince someone to send me a weekly paycheck so that I can devote all of my time to to this one long scene. Any takers?

Seriously. Click the DONATION button on the side. You will be my friend for ever. If you donate a substantial amount...you'll be credited as my Executive Producer as well!


greg scherrer said...

I just watched it a few times. It's so cool to see it working instead of just in theory. It's hard to tell how ten minutes will feel, but so far I can't wait to see what happens to him next! I think sound will really bring everything alive too. You could do a lot with sound to make each box feel like a different environment when he sticks his head in, or when he makes footsteps, or just with background music as if a different radio station is playing softly in the background. My favorite bits of animation are the first walk through the door, and the struggle with the jacket on the door. The dropping of the box, and the part with the water are good too. It's all good. Now DON'T SCREW IT UP!! No just kidding. I think you've done plenty of pre-pro work on the style and the story and the pacing. If you can get through the rest of it at this rough level of animation, without second guessing yourself, I think it is going to kick many many asses. Asses aplenty!

Aaron Johnson said...

I love the concept!
I think the one shot idea is ingenious for two reasons:
• visually, it's very simple and compliments a very complex and abstract environment
• and it's (one shot) a challenge that other animators/filmakers will appreciate (if pulled off successfully). It's kind of a nod to Hitchcock's "Rope".

Greg's sound design ideas are excellent. Each "box" could have a different ambient sound: one has a large hall feel with echoes and reverb, one could be very muffled, etc.

If I were you, I'd research what the minimal time requirement is for an Oscar nominated animated short and shoot for that as your running time. 10 minutes could be a challenge for you, but also for the viewers.

BTW, the animation is awesome and the pencil test reads well. I second Greg's idea about completing the entire piece just like that and keep the animation fresh and not get bogged down by rendering techniques, etc. Although I'd be curious to see what the finished look will be. My two cents: consider that a lot of viewers will see this just as we did, small QT or WMP movie, on the internet. So keeping the style simple and readable in that format will be a plus even for the finished film.

And as far as a paycheck, set up a PayPal donation link on your blog and beg.
Good luck!

Dan Segarra said...

Very clear animation especially for the character being so tiny on screen. This is a GREAT GREAT piece so far Mike! Can't wait to see more!

Dan Segarra said...

Ooh! Just watched it again and was wonderin' why does he want that box so badly? Why can't he just leave it and just exit the scene? If you want a critique, that's the question I ask... if not, then ignore me.

Great stuff again Mike!

pharmgrrrl said...

Hey, Mike,

As much as I'd love to support a fellow Trojan in his artistic endeavors, they just don't pay English teachers enough to support other grown folks! Glad to see you've only grown more talented in your old age!

brockorama said...

I saw this on youtube and it blew my mind. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see what happens next! Its a really brilliant, fun idea!

boob said...

Don't stop. Everything is working for me. 10 mintues, the style, the animation the sound possibilities - it's all a go.

After watching this a couple times, the complexity kinda sunk in for me in this scene. All these depths and each square can lead to somewhere else. A lotta thought and matching up animation could be tricky. Love it all Mike.

tomm said...

thats class

Dave Pryor said...

I am really impressed with the animation here. I respect the simplicity - perhaps one of the more unique concepts I've seen since "The line and the dot". Everyone else has said so much so far, and I concur with the kudos. This is one of those things that doesn't need to be taken too far to look complete, which may make it easier to complete.

All the best