Found these thumbnail sketches for scene 3 while reorganizing . Thinking through a scene with tiny drawings is a good way to save paper. I also found a few unrelated thumbnails that are posted on Sketch-A-Doodle Doo.

Below is the corresponding pencil test. A few minor adjustments, and it needs some softer settles, but for the most part the scene was figured out and just needed inbetweens.



I wrote my summary, my artist statment, my bio, gathered my work samples and submitted the application for the 2007 Bush Foundation Fellowship...now I wait. Wait to see if the panel of judges are interested in animation. There doesn't seem to be many grants out there for animated films specifically (at least none that I found), so I'm learning how to present my work to people outside of the animation world. Apparently, it's not impossible for animators to receive grants traditionally reserved for painters, interpretive dancers, and basket weavers. This is not the first time I'm applying for grant money for this film. My past attempts have failed for a variety of reasons, from poor presentation to an obviously fabricated budget, but with each failure I learn a little bit more. Corny I know, but it's true. I learn how to talk about myself, my work, how to write a budget., etc. Talking about myself and my work is always a difficult balance between honest confidence and arrogant bullshit. If I know I'm shoveling bullshit, I'm always the first to smell it. So hopfeully a balance was found this time. Organizing my production and my thoughts for this grant has helped me connect with talented people willing to lend a hand in all aspects of production, from rough animation, to sound, to digital project for the live show. If I do get this fellowship, it will give me the time and money I need to complete the film. Once the film is complete and ready to screen, I can focus on all of the new technical challenges and finacial obstacles that the live show presents. The 2007 Bush Foundation Grant is for $48,000. Not a huge budget in animation, but it's more money than zero...which is what I have now..which is why it is taking years to finish the film...so for now, I am going to continue preparing for a 2007 production with a $48,000 budget. The Bush Foundation won't announce the grantees until March.....so until then...I wait.