Partial Pencil Test

Here is an edit of some rough animation. It tells the part of the story where things begin to go horribly wrong for Guy.

Animating a 10 minute film is a daunting task especially when it feels like you are basically animating one long scene. I haven't decided yet if this makes me an idiot.
But it is fun. My next goal is to convince someone to send me a weekly paycheck so that I can devote all of my time to to this one long scene. Any takers?

Seriously. Click the DONATION button on the side. You will be my friend for ever. If you donate a substantial amount...you'll be credited as my Executive Producer as well!


Render Styles

The only time available to work the film was spent playing around with simple Photoshop filters and settings to help me develop the render style.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.