As promised in the title of this film.....

A big part of the film still in development.

So big in fact....It's almost like a second film.

If this is ever going to be a finished film, I really need to start applying for grants again.....but it's been difficult convincing people my cartoon is "art" so therefore they should give me money. Perhaps it's my a self effacing approach drenched in false positivity and peppered with obviously fabricated budgets that turn them off. Maybe they just hate cartoons.....or monkeys (an impossibility by the way).

I've been having trouble connecting this film to any social relevance.....an ear-perker for grant givers. Because I am hoping to have the soundrack performed by a High School marching band, maybe this film can help premote keeping Music and Art in the public school system, something I actually support and have an opipnion on. Hell, I could even teach an animation workshop in Art classes and screen student films with this one in a High School Auditorium at a fundraising event to supprt Art and Music programs

If anyone has any wisdom to share on writing, recieving, and utilizing grants for animated films, or any information on organizations that support music and art programs...
please feel free to leave a comment or email me : mike.humdinger@gmail.com

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